The Value of Activision Shares Is Growing Thanks to the Success of World of Warcraft Classic


World of Warcraft Classic has set new records on Twitch on launch day and it seems that these numbers have also done well at Activision Blizzard: the company’s title has indeed gained + 6.9% on the stock market following the publication of the game.

The Reuters news agency says it is very confident about it: ” World of Warcraft has an extremely profitable monetization method, with a $ 15 monthly subscription. If World of Warcraft Classic were able to bring at least two million new subscribers for a few quarters, the company’s earnings would be affected positively, after the difficulties of the past few months. “

Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of the year Activision Blizzard faced an economic crisis that led the company to cut around 800 jobs and change part of the managers, as well as review the production processes of many internal offices with aim to publish more games on an annual basis, with an eye to income and expenses.

The value of the Activision Blizzard stock is now back above $ 50 on Wall Street and analysts say they are confident for the next quarter also thanks to the hype surrounding the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, arriving in October.