Will the New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Fighter Be an SNK Character?


In the past few hours, there has been the talk of the imminent arrival of Ryu Hayabusa in Super Smash Bros Ultimate but it seems that the protagonist of Ninja Gaiden is not actually the next fighter to make his appearance on the roster.

The Nintendo UK site has revealed the arrival on the roster of a character from an SNK series, the protagonist of the DLC Challenger Pack 4, to be released on February 2020 (indicative date and subject to changes). On the additional content page, there is a note with the copyright of SNK: ” SNK Corporation All Rights Reserved “.

There seems to be little doubt about it and therefore a wrestler of an SNK license plate is preparing to make his Super Smash Bros Ultimate debut, even if at the moment the character’s identity remains shrouded in mystery. Almost certainly it will be a fighter from The King of Fighters or Samurai Shodown (two series recently returned with new episodes after a few years of absence) but there are those who also hypothesize the arrival of Marco from Metal Slug, this hypothesis is undoubtedly rather remote.

We just have to wait for more information, furthermore it remains to be seen if also Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu is destined sooner or later to make his appearance in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate team.