World of Warcraft Classic: 300,000 Spectators Attended Jokerd Level 60


Jokerd was the first World of Warcraft Classic player to reach level 60 using the wizard gnome. The company was obtained in over three days of hard work and was followed by 300,000 spectators on Twitch.

Specifically, Jokerd took three days, twenty hours and forty minutes to reach the result in question. It is the first Western player to have reached level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic playing on the Mograine server in Europe, it is not clear if anyone has already cut this milestone in the East, perhaps in Korea or China, where WOW is hugely popular.

Upon reaching level 60, the number of viewers connected on Twitch was about 300,000, who witnessed the enterprise not without controversy, however Jokerd claimed that he had not used tricks and managed to reach level 60 in a short time while sleeping 6 / 8 hours per night, without having needed to devote his days entirely to gambling.

At the launch World of Warcraft Classic touched peaks of one million spectators, the success of the game also contributed to the growth in the value of Activision Blizzard shares, which in the last hours recorded a + 6.9% on Wall Street, returning above the threshold of the 50 dollars.