Battlefield 5 Updates: New Maps, Weapons and Increased Level Cap With the Update 4.4

Battlefield 5

After apologizing for the frustrating experience of Battlefield 5 and Chapter 4, the authors of EA DICE surprise their audience (this time in a positive light) by launching an update that introduces several new features to the playful and content system of their multiplayer shooter.

The BF5 4.4 update is already available and can be downloaded for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Within the new update of Chapter 4, we find two maps set in the placid hills of Provence and the Lofoten Islands: in both cases, DICE confirms that these are scenarios dedicated to the lovers of clashes between infantry troops.

In this first phase, both the Lofoten Islands and the Provence setting will be available only in the rotation of Team Conquest and Team Deathmatch mode maps, ie without large-scale battles with the Conquest challenges. With these two scenarios, two new weapons, the Panzerbusche 39 and the Breda M1935 PG, make their debut, both of which can be unlocked through the weekly Tides of War challenges.

Particularly interesting is the noticeable increase in the maximum rank achievable by one’s alter-ego, with a level cap that with Battlefield 5 update 4.4 goes from 50 to 500. Among the “minor” interventions carried out by EA DICE with the new update, we finally point out the resolution of various problems reported by users in disconnections, lag, and stuttering during multiplayer challenges with more “crowded” lobbies. According to the roadmap announced during E3 2019 by EA and DICE, during this fall, we should be able to watch the launch of Chapter V of Battlefield 5 dedicated to the Pacific War and the battles fought by the Americans and the Japanese (and their allies) on the fiery beaches of Iwo Jima.