Captain America in Marvel’s Avengers: From the Helmet to the Shield, Details on the Hero’s Design

Captain America in Marvel's Avengers:

After publishing a trailer entirely dedicated to the Avenger and presenting Captain America’s fighting style, the Crystal Dynamics team offers more details on the character.

In particular, through the official Twitter account of the game, Creative Director Tore Blystad shared interesting details on the approach taken by the development team, based on a contemporary reinterpretation of the Marvel heroes, with an eye for realism. For example, ” The uniform of Captain America is based on modern combat gear .” On it, we can find the iconic motifs of stars and stripes, counterbalanced by original elements. 

Also, the helmet of the character has been partially revised with respect to the more classic design, with decorative wings that follow the shape and the insertion of a strap that wraps the chin, to make the object more realistic and practical to wear. Even the shield of Captain America was the protagonist of a review process, partly associated with the events narrated in Marvel’s Avengers: ” With the Avengers moving to the West Coast and beyond, Cap needs a shield that represents their new role: the aspect has been modified with a star that looks further […] “. The design and creation of the new distinctive designs of the project, concludes Blystad, is the work of the Crystal Dynamics team, Marvel