Control: A DLC Coming up on a Secondary Character?

Control: A DLC Coming up

According to some rumors collected by PCGamer and YouTuber ManFightDragon, soon Control could receive a DLC dedicated to one of the secondary characters of the adventure.

Through the debug tool, YouTuber has discovered a mission not present in the game thanks to a file called ” St01_MM_04_Marshall_START_Plus_PS4_SM15_Dlc “. The term “DLC” does not seem to leave room for many doubts about the arrival of an expansion centered on Marshall, responsible for the security structure.

At the moment, in any case, Remedy has not confirmed anything, the Finnish study has declared to be at work to solve Control’s technical problems related to performance especially on PlayStation 4, where the game has received some criticism on its own technical.

Remedy also stated that Control is linked to Alan Wake and Quantum Break, the new game in the study contains some references and references to the two games in question, which together give rise to a sort of ” Remedyverse ” which is not shared but has many details in common.

Control is available from August 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, in the UK the commercial reception was good but not excellent and the game debuted in fourth place in the software ranking in the week of launch, preceded by Astral Chain, Man of Medan and Wreckfest.