Control: incoming Photo Mode and new graphic options on PC, but no HDR


Control has been available for a week, and the new paranormal action-adventure game by Remedy Entertainment has given what is today one of the best demonstrations of the potential of Ray-Tracing on PC.

Those fortunate enough to have an Nvidia RTX graphics card are therefore admiring the beauty of the title of Remedy, but are probably also suffering from some technical problems (including stuttering and black screen) which undermine the general enjoyment of the experience. The Finnish software house has published a new post on their blog in which it assures that the team is using time and resources to correct all the imperfections present at the moment in the PC version of the title. While waiting for an update, however, Remedy recommends that you enable the latest version of Windows on your systems: you can make a quick check by looking for “PC Information” via the Start menu search bar.

In addition to this, Remedy has confirmed the arrival of new graphics features on PC, which will involve the introduction of the toggle bar for motion blur and film grain options. Also provided improvements and corrections regarding the arrangement of icons on the game map, as well as the addition of the Photo Mode. The hope of Remedy is that the imminent arrival of these innovations can “more than make up for the lack of HDR, a feature we already knew was not foreseen for the game.

Control is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the new rumours, the game could accommodate a DLC focused on a secondary character.