Daemon X Machina for Switch: A Blaze of Mechs in the Japanese Launch Trailer


Kenichiro Tsukuda and the Marvelous authors count the days that separate them from the release of Daemon X Machina on Nintendo Switch. To deceive the wait and feed the curiosity of sci-fi action fans focused on battles between mechs, they make a launch video full of explosive game scenes.

The Marvelous promotional trailer, aimed at the Japanese public, helps us to become familiar with the narrative setting and the gameplay dynamics of this project, drawing the outlines of the plot to reveal more information about the events that will be a prelude to the history of the main campaign.

The undisputed protagonists of the launch video of Daemon X Machina are the mechs piloted by the Outers and the gigantic Immortals’ corrupt machines that threaten to destroy the last human settlements escaped from the planetary catastrophe that had hit the Moon and the Femto’s rain, a mysterious substance of extraterrestrial origin that can be used to acquire new powers as the game goes on.

The launch of Daemon X Machina is scheduled for September 13 on Nintendo Switch. These days, another major project from Japan, Astral Chain, has landed on the hybrid console of the Kyoto house, sparking an unusual review bombing interpreted by the community as an act of retaliation for the exclusive Platinum Games blockbuster.