Dreaming of Dragon’s Dogma 2: For Capcom It Continues to Be “an Important Franchise”

Dragon's Dogma 2

The man in charge of the Devil May Cry 5 development team and father of the Dragon’s Dogma series, Hideaki Itsuno, returned to talk about his unforgettable roleplay action series to confirm Capcom’s willingness to keep the franchise alive.

Exchanging a chat with the IGN.com editorial team, the volcanic Japanese author and developer wanted to reassure Arisen fans that Capcom continues to “believe that Dragon’s Dogma is a very important franchise. But really, there’s nothing else what can I say about it right now”.

The confirmation of the centrality of the intellectual property of Dragon’s Dogma in Capcom’s medium-long term plans , and the objective embarrassment manifested by Itsuno himself in hastily avoiding any deepening of any kind, only feed the hopes of those who believe that the works on Dragon’s Dogma 2 have already started , although only in their design phase of the concept that precedes the actual development on PC and, presumably, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett .

The same Devil May Cry V producer, on the other hand, has repeatedly stated that he is looking forward to working at Dragon’s Dogma 2, adding that he is busy on DMC5 and that the final decision, as we can easily guess, is only up to and exclusively at the top of Capcom.