Final Fantasy VII Remake: Images and Details Leaked Into an In-Game Shinra Movie

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is certainly a project much awaited by the videogame community: it is therefore not surprising the spread of alleged indiscretions linked to it. Among these, details related to a particular movie in-game, linked to Shinra Inc.

An active user on Reddit claims to have received information about the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo made available by Square Enix at Gamescom 2019. In particular, a description of a video that would open the game and represent a sort of Shinra Company advertising.

In the post that appeared on Reddit, it is told how the movie has as its protagonist a daytime Midgar, illuminated by sunlight and of which we are shown different infrastructures and scenarios. Among these, for example, a motorway and a train crossing an industrial area are mentioned. While alternating images of workers of the city, a narrative voice highlights the benefits that Shinra brought to the city of Midgar and its inhabitants. The movie, however, comes at a certain point interrupted by a glitch: at this point, the face of Jesse ‘s character appears, thus revealing the true nature of the deceptive introductory film, produced by Shinra. The user Reddit has also published some alleged images taken from the sequence, which you can find at the bottom of this news.

As usual, we remind you that rumor or leak they are not official information. Waiting for news on the title from Square Enix, we remind you that the development team aims to make Final Fantasy VII innovative Remake as an unpublished chapter of the series.