Fortnite 10.20: The Novelties of Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative Mode


Fortnite is updated with the Content Update of version 10.20 which brings many new features for the Royal Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode, including the new Lightning Trap weapon leaked in recent days thanks to the work of the data miner.

Fortnite Royal Battle

Dazzling trap 
An electrifying object that galvanizes you for its realization and for its innovation: it creates a trap that is fixed on both sides of a surface!

Floating Island

The floating island is back and has taken the motel with it. Two places passed in one go!

Fortnite Creative Mode

Prefab Prison 
Create your own escape games and more with the new Prigione prefabricated set.

Prefabricated Latrine Laboratory 
Here water is made. Now you can take the healthcare industry wherever you want.

Fortnite Save the World

Crackshot gets in gear! 
This week, help Crackshot reach the radio station to broadcast his Summer Song. Load the van and gather the group: it’s time to get going with a new weekly assignment!

Unleashed Mix Gun 
Tackle the Spoils for the holidays with the Unleashed Mix Gun! Available in the weekly shop.