Fortnite Battle Royale: The Dazzling Trap Is Coming With the New Update


As anticipated by the leaks circulated on the network based on the information obtained from the data miner, the next Fortnite update will introduce a new element of equipment for the explorers of the Epic Games battle royale: the Zapper Trap or Dazzling Trap.

The announcement of the imminent arrival on the Fortnite Battaglia Reale map of this object took place through the usual communication channels opened by the Epic boys with the Fortnite in-game screen. The message that accompanies the reveal of the Dazzling Trap suggests the intended use of this object by inviting all users of the most famous free shooter in the world to pay attention: “Danger! High tension … traps and strikes!”.

The Fortnite Zapper Trap , based on what is suggested by the community and the most accredited data miner of Epic Games’ blockbuster free to play, should be able to cause a huge amount of damage points to the Shields and Health of the opponents, as well as to the ‘ Energy of the vehicles that will pass over it.

As with any other Fortnite trap, even with Zappers it should be possible to place them on the floors, on the ceiling or on the walls of the prefabricated structures of the island and on those built by one’s alter-ego: the data miner that preceded the announcement of the new trap also report that these objects could have exclusive features that will allow them to be placed even within the structures created by the opponents .

The Dazzling Traps of Fortnite will, therefore, be one of the main innovations that await us with the next update of the free Epic shooter, whose launch should take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 4 September.