Fortnite: Kevin the Cube is back on the island of the Battle Royale


As is now well known, Fortnite Season 10 is celebrating the first two years of the famous Epic Games title. It is not surprising, therefore, that Kevin the Cubo also appears among the welcome returns, reappearing on the island with the update of content 10.20 today 3 September.

Today’s update has, in fact, introduced a new location, the Floating Island, which is slowly making its way through the map. Supporting it is our beloved Kevin, who did not see himself in the explosion pyrotechnics that last November marked the end of the Fortnitemares 2018 event sending players in a parallel dimension populated by butterflies. And if his return represented the prelude to a new in-game event of great proportions? We’ll see, in the meantime, we point out that it is possible to get on the Floating Island simply by using the low gravity vortex at its feet.

The 10.20 update of today’s content has not only introduced the island, but also the Sniper Trap,throwaway consumable that creates a trap that deals damage on both sides of a building piece. There was no lack of news even for the Creative Mode and Save the World of Fortnite.