Fortnite: Offline Server on September 3, Content Update 10.20 Arrives


Fortnite is getting ready to receive a new Content Update today as part of update 10.20: the patch will arrive this afternoon at 2:00 pm (GMT +2), the good news is that the servers will remain offline for only a few minutes.

Epic lets you know how no downtime is foreseen, this means that the servers will always remain active and it will be possible to continue playing without problems, with a break of a few minutes needed to download and install the update.

But what will Fortnite Content Update 10.20 offer? The developers have not released details on this, except for a message with the phrase ” See WATT’s New “, apparently a play on words that could suggest the introduction of the Dazzling Trap, an object already discovered by data miner in recent weeks.

The Epic Battle Royale is experiencing a rather delicate period, Season 10 does not seem to have achieved the expected success and many pro players and streamer have declared the death of Fortnite, including Tfue, ex Faze Clan who will move on to other games of his own because of a decidedly understated Season 10, unable to offer significant challenges and contents of great interest.

And what do you think? Is Fortnite dead or is it only a crisis after two intense years?