Gears 5: A Level Will Be 50 Times Larger Than Any Other Map of past Gears of War

Gears 5 Tech Test

During a panel held in Seattle by The Coalition at PAX West 2019, the authors of the Canadian software house linked to Xbox Game Studios revealed a whole series of unpublished information on the open world of Gears 5.

According to statements by Rod Fergusson, the free-roaming component of Gears 5 will reach its peak during Act 3 of the main campaign: the explorable area of ​​play during this particular part of the story will be 50 times larger than any other level never appeared in the Gears of War franchise.

Still with regards to open-world dynamics, the boss of The Coalition confirms the possibility of exploring Sera with the Skiff to enrich his own gaming experience, grappling with secondary missions that, according to Fergusson, will be extremely original and “handmade”, without expiring in the typical repetitiveness of secondary activities of certain action sandboxes. Thanks to these missions that run parallel to the plot, users will be able to acquire new skills and exclusive upgrades for JACK, the support drone with unlockable combat capabilities by completing these activities.

The launch of Gears 5 is scheduled for September 10 on PC and exclusive console on Xbox One. On both platforms, The Coalition shooter can be downloaded “free” by Xbox Game Pass subscribers from the day of the release.