GTA San Andreas Continues to Amaze: Discover New Secret Tricks!

GTA San Andreas

Hands up who has never used the tricks in GTA San Andreas! We cannot see you, but something tells us that those who have never used it, at least once for fun, are really very few. What if we told you that the famous Rockstar Games title hasn’t finished yet to amaze?

A group of YouTubers, including Vadim M, very famous among the players of the GTA community, he discovered new hidden tricks for San Andreas, which the developers of War Drum Studios inserted while working on porting for mobile devices, altering the original code. Obviously, they did it to facilitate testing and debugging the game.

These include a cheat code that provides CJ with specific weapons and equipment normally difficult to obtain outside of specific missions. Thanks to it, developers could test any object and easily verify its impact on game performance. Another, however, allows you to immediately skip any current activity: it was certainly used to quickly reach the phases of the adventure that needed testing. We already know what you are thinking: this trick would be perfect to skip the infamous and boring Zero RC missions! There is also another cheat code that makes vehicles indestructible, including the tank!

The intention of the developers was not to make them public, yet the stainless community was nevertheless able to discover them. To activate them, however, it is necessary to connect a keyboard to the smartphone, according to a procedure illustrated in the video attached at the top of this news. The tricks are also present in the editions for PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One since they derive from the mobile version. On console, in any case, it is not possible to activate them without modifying the game.