In Kerbal Space Program 2 It Will Be Possible to Recreate Scenes From Movies Like Gravity and the Martian


The creative director of Star Theory, Nate Simpson, discussed during the PAX West the freedom offered by Kerbal Space Program 2: according to the author of the American software house, the new chapter of KSP will allow us to faithfully recreate the sci-fi scenes cult cult-like Gravity or Survivor The Martian.

Thanks to the introduction of an innumerable series of technologies and modular components for the construction of vehicles, robots, automated probes, bases, rockets and spaceships, Simpson explains that users of Kerbal Space Program 2 “will be able to recreate Gravity without any problem, even “That movie is horribly inaccurate in many respects. You can also do The Martian if you want. What kind of engine do the Avatars use? Actually, I don’t know exactly, but yes, whoever wants to recreate that spaceship can do it, perhaps, embarking on interstellar colonization”.

Fans of science fiction films and TV series have already used the tools integrated in the first KSP, and its infinite free mods, to create incredible projects and machinima videos inspired by the sci-fi masterpieces of the small and big screen: the presence of new modules that will allow the creation of such “Hollywood-style” projects since the release of KSP 2, in any case, highlights the will of the Star Theory guys to make all the fans of this iconic sandbox series happy .

The countdown to the launch of the Kerbal Space Program 2 space program will end in the spring of 2020 with the release of the title on PC. The ambitious Space Theory and Private Division sandbox will also arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in an unspecified period of 2020. Both on PC and on the console, however, KSP 2 will not have micro-transactions and Loot Box.