Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Games tells the “secret story” of the costumes

Marvel's Spider-Man: Insomniac Games

Intervened in the pages of the official PlayStation Blog after the acquisition of Insomniac Games by Sony, the developers of the Californian software house tell the “secret story” of the costumes of the blockbuster PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The intervention of Insomniac Games and the different artists and designers who worked on the dozens of costumes acquired by our favourite neighbourhood superhero during the main adventure of Marvel’s Spider-Man, as well as in the different challenges faced with post-launch expansions and in activities related to free-roaming.

In the fact sheet published by Sony with the contribution of a splendid promotional film, the individual Insomniac authors who gave shape to Spidey’s costumes tell what has been done and reveal some interesting backstory, with many anecdotes and nice memories of the creative process: in lime to this news find the link with the article of the PS Blog stars and stripes that contains the statements of American designers.

In mid-August, Insomniac Games celebrated the unstoppable success of Marvel’s Spider-Man by announcing that it had reached and exceeded 13 million copies sold, an incredible result that rewards the efforts made by the Burbank authors and, of course, paves the way for ambitions from Sony for the PS5 sequel. While waiting to find out what innovations will accompany the increasingly probable Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PS5, on these pages you will find a rundown with the best easter eggs of the Insomniac game.