MHW After Iceborne: The Father of the Series Talks About the Future of Monster Hunter on PS5 and Scarlett


The dad of the Monster Hunter series, Kaname Fujioka of Capcom, discussed the opportunities offered by the next-gen and the future that awaits the roleplaying action saga of Capcom and all its fans on PCs and consoles like PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

From the pages of, Fujioka has addressed the topic of next-gen and specified that “for is not a simple question related to the graphics. When a new generation of consoles begins, there is always a basic concept that concerns the hardware, a sort of declaration of intent that indicates the strengths of the new platforms. At this moment, however, I do not have this information and therefore I would not be able to tell you which direction we will take to realize our future Monster Hunter video games”.

Without entering into the merits of the hardware features and potential of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, Monster Hunter’s father lets himself go to a series of reflections on the current state of the videogame industry and its future prospects :“I would say that we are entering more and more into a phase in which the developers become independent of the hardware and platforms responsible for running their games. In the future, probably, the software houses will be able to offer their videogame experiences anywhere, without no hardware constraints. From this point of view, perhaps we should start thinking about how to erect the gameplay framework of our future games regardless of the assumption that our fans are sitting in front of their console. 

In leaving you any further comments or judgments to the words of Kaname Fujioka, we remind you that Monster Hunter World Iceborne will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th and on PC in January 2020.