Millionaire agreement between MGT and Huya: China conquers eSport

MGT and Huya

Modern Times Group, the Teutonic entertainment giant that owns ESL , and Huya Inc., a Chinese streaming platform, have perfected a joint venture that will inaugurate the expansion of ESL in the East. In particular in the immense Chinese catchment area.

And, of course, the simultaneous expansion of Huya in the unexplored Western market.

The investment of over 30 million dollars should lead Huya to become a minority shareholder in MTG.

With the partnership just signed ESL and Huya are planning to study and organize ad hoc eSport competitions for the immense Chinese territory , obviously linked to the canonical calendar that marks the ESL competitive season , this to guarantee the maximum participation of the athletes of the People’s Republic.

An opening that would upset world equilibrium leading to scenarios and upheavals never seen before. In short, a new era for competitive gaming.

It is not news that Huya Inc. is slowly turning its interested gaze towards the rich West. In fact, recently the platform has partnered with the Liquid Team . Furthermore, the company that currently holds 5.49 billion dollars regularly collaborates with event organizers and publishers.

Not only: Huya has expanded its offer to become almost an incubator for the many talents and has been able to count on an investment of 461 million dollars from the powerful multinational Tencent Games in May 2018. With this joint venture and the participation of minority in ESL, Huya Inc. has therefore moved to strengthen its position.

Is eSport going to experience yet another explosion?