Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Rajang Arrives in October

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Capcom has announced that Rajang, beast introduced in Monster Hunter 2, will make its appearance in Iceborne, Monster Hunter World’s first long-awaited expansion, to date the best-selling Osaka home game ever with thirteen million copies.

Rajang will arrive in October on PS4 and Xbox One via free update, a specific date has not been provided, Capcom has limited himself to introducing Rajang with a trailer to present the monster to all those who have started playing Monster Hunter only recently and not they know this huge creature that made its debut in 2005 in Monster Hunter 2 for PlayStation 2.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne will be released on September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while PC launch is scheduled for January 2020. Capcom seems to have clear ideas regarding the future of Monster Hunter for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, currently not there are precise plans in this regard but the producer of Iceborne hopes to be able to work very soon on the next episode, having already collected a series of improvements to be made and new contents to be introduced to bring Monster Hunter into the new generation of consoles.