Ninja and the Mysterious Announcement, Will You Sponsor Halo Infinite?


Ninja, before being inextricably associated with the Epic Games battle royale, as we know he was a competitive Halo player.

After switching to Mixer, fans immediately started speculating about a dedicated streaming/content partnership next chapter in the saga symbol of the Microsoft console, Halo Infinite. Ninja revealed on his Twitter profile that a big announcement would come soon.

Microsoft recruited me to prepare a surprise for you guys,” he tweeted the most famous streamer in the world. A few days ago Ninja visited Microsoft’s headquarters meeting none other than Phil Spencer, so something important must necessarily boil in the pot.

Rumors are wasted right now.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will arrive on PC (although technical problems are slowing down its genesis), with Halo: Reach and it is possible that Microsoft wants to take advantage of Ninja’s popularity to publicize the launch of the collection.

Another hypothesis (in our opinion the most likely), instead, sees Ninja working on the streaming of Gears 5, another big Microsoft exclusive.

Surely we will know more in a few hours.