No Man’s Sky: The New Patch Has Been Published, Here Are the Details

No Man's Sky

Hello Games has recently released a new patch for No Man’s Sky through which the procedural title devised by Sean Murray reaches build 2.09.3. This is basically a minor update, with various technical tweaks and improvements to overall performance.

As revealed by the known patches published by the developers, the update goes to rectify a whole series of bugs that invalidated the correct functioning of the input of the commands, the teleports, the options present in the user interface, and many other aspects. In addition, the power of the Blaze Javelin, a component of the multi-tool, and of the Infra-Knife Accelerator, a technological weapon that can be integrated into our spaceship, has been increased. As usual, we find various tricks aimed at improving the overall performance of the game.

Currently, the new patch is available only for PC users, but Hello Games has clarified that the update will be distributed soon also on consoles. For all further details, we refer you directly to the changelog published by the software house.

No Man’s Sky is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Thanks to the immense range of creative possibilities that the game offers to its explorers, some users have succeeded in setting up an exhibition of alien relics and recreating the famous Dragon Ball Z theme.