Persona 5: The Royal Version Will Include a New Persona, Fafnir!

Persona 5

The Royal version of Atlus’s acclaimed JRPG will include several new elements: among these, a new Persona will also make its appearance, increasing the ranks of the creatures that will be able to support the Joker.

To reveal the creature that our protagonist can control in Persona 5 Royal is the official Twitter account of Persona 5 in Japanese. As you can verify at the bottom of this news, the latter has in fact published a twitter to which we find attached an interesting video clip. The latter presents us with Fafnir, a new Person who can be controlled by the leader of the Phantom Thieves. In particular, in the movie, we can see the creature being born thanks to the Fusion process, a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to combine two Personas in order to create a third, basically more powerful. Fafnir represents a new entry for Persona 5 but is not new to the universe of the series. The Persona it has already appeared in other titles, including Persona 2: Eternal Punishment or Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Are you happy with his return?

We take this opportunity to remind you that, just recently, Atlus has released two new Persona 5 Royal trailers, including one specifically dedicated to the protagonist Joker. The Morgana trailer has also revealed its new Persona.