Pokemon Go, at the Start of the Ultrabonus: Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Much More Arrive!

Pokemon Go

As announced some time ago, the very active gaming community has successfully managed to unlock the Ultrabonus in Pokemon GO, thus leading Niantic to announce a significant number of special initiatives.

The calendar of the event opens with the first week of special celebrations, which see various interesting bonuses being activated in-game, which the aspiring Pokemon Masters can enjoy. Below we summarize the main limited-time initiatives:

  • Eggs of 10 KM: the luckiest players, will be able to obtain from the hatching forms U, L, T, R, A of Uknown;
  • Sentret and Gligar are now present in the wild even in color / shiny form;
  • The Raids host several Pokemon from the Johto Region. Among these, we also find Suicune, Raikou and Entei respectively creatures of the type water, electro and fire, these constitute the famous trio of second-generation Legendary Pokemon;
  • Furthermore, the effectiveness of the egg incubator will be doubled;

In short, a nice set of new features for Pokemon GO! Remember, however, that all the special bonuses will be available for a limited period of time: the first week of the Ultrabonus will, in fact, end on September 9th at 10 pm (GMT +2), when new special initiatives will start. In closing, we remind you that the extraordinary discoveries of Pokemon GO have recently been updated, offering the possibility of meeting an Eevee with a wreath of flowers.