Pokémon Masters Guide: The List of Pokémon That Can’t Evolve

Pokemon Masters

After analyzing the mechanism that regulates the Evolutions and Mega Evolutions in Pokémon Masters, it’s time to find out which Pokémon are not able to evolve in the new mobile game.

As in every adventure featuring the most famous monsters on the planet, even in Pokémon Masters, it is essential to level up and upgrade your Units, consisting of a trainer and a Pokémon. Many of the latter can become even stronger than they already are, thanks to Evolutions (for which specific and expensive objects are required such as the Fragments and stones), which in addition to increasing the basic parameters, also provide additional moves.

However, not all Pokémon are able to evolve. Of the 65 in Pokémon Masters, 13 are unable:

  1. The player’s Pikachu
  2. Brock and Onix
  3. Blaine and Ponyta
  4. Brawly and Makuhita
  5. Brendan and Treeko
  6. Clay and Palpitoad
  7. Grant and Amaura
  8. Lt. Surge and Voltorb
  9. Maylene and Meditite
  10. Ramos and Weepinbell
  11. Roark and Cranidos
  12. Roxanne and Nosepass
  13. Roxie and Whirlipede

Even if they can’t evolve, these Pokémon can still get stronger, level up and increase their potential in battle.