Red Dead Online, the Professions arrive next week: all the details


Rockstar Games has announced that September 10 will be officially introduced the Frontier Professions in Red Dead Online, a further step in the constant evolution of the gaming world.

The Professions of the Frontier are a vast series of themed activities characterized by Roles that the players will be able to cover. As they progress in that specific Role by gaining experience points, they will get items, exclusive abilities and more. At the debut, three different roles will be available: the Bounty Hunter, the Merchant and the Collector. Accompanying their debut there will also be significant improvements in character control , thanks to which all movement and combat phases are now faster and more responsive, the ability to change the character’s appearance without having to restore progress, new skill cards, daily role challenges, more dynamic events across the border, lots of new items and much more.

Thanks to the Roles, there will always be new businesses to follow that, in addition to money and Gold, will also provide exclusive items and skills as you progress in the chosen Role. The player will automatically gain PE for a Role each time he completes an activity reserved for him: by hunting down a wanted person they will earn PE for the Bounty Hunter Role, finding a collectable item will get PE for the Collector Role and so on. The PE of Role, in turn, will serve to raise in rank within the Role. The maximum rank is 20. Every 5 ranks you enter a new band inside the Role. The bands are: Beginner, Promising, Affirmed and tested.

Going up in rank you get tokens and sometimes new skills , such as the bounty hunter’s ability to lower while riding to better protect himself, or that of the merchant to train the camp dog to rush to warn him if the camp is under enemy attack; it is also possible to obtain the widening of the knapsack or access to new specific Free Roam events for that Role. For each band, there is also a set of exclusive items, which can be purchased after having been released with the Tokens. Reaching the Test strip, players will acquire a series of new skills useful to survive in the frontier, advanced styles and comfort for the camp and leaders of

In addition to the Roles, the update will also introduce a wide range of new features. Among the new features we highlight: new Free Roam dei Ruoli events, which are unlocked by rising in rank in the various Roles; additional slots in the stables; selling prices of the most balanced jewels; lootable containers even on environmental wagons; additional slots for custom clothes and the possibility of naming the clothes saved in the wardrobe; re-balance weapons to avoid always having to use headshots to kill enemies in clashes between players and much more. The release date of this Red Dead Online update, we recall, is set for Tuesday 10 September.