Shootout in Odessa, Texas: The Mayor Rails Against Violent Video Games


During the weekend just ended, the city of Odessa, Texas, was the protagonist of a massacre: 36-year-old Seth A. Ator opened fire in the streets of the city, killing eight people and seriously injuring twenty-one.

Ator was killed shortly after the massacre in a parking lot, while the young man continued to shoot at passers-by and policemen, before receiving a gunshot that quickly led him to death. Michael Gerke, head of the Odessa police, said that the reasons for this gesture are not known, the young man had lost his job a few hours before opening fire and this could be one of the triggering causes, the city mayor instead accused, among other things, even violent games.

Interviewed by various local and national media outlets, Mayor David Turner stated that ” bad people are always there and will always assist, we hope prayers can help us. Personally I think it is a problem related to affection and psyche, but I want to be clear with you, there are currently some of the most violent video games you can imagine. “

This summer has been marked by a new wave of violence that has hit the United States, a serious social emergency that has forced President Donald Trump to intervene on the issue, also in this case by blaming, in part, video games, responsible for having a bad influence on young people.