Skyrim never stops evolving: the titanic mod Mysticism adds more than 200 spells!


Looking at the incredible number of Skyrim’s mods that continue to be published, there is no need to be a fan of Bethesda’s role-playing masterpiece to appreciate the efforts made in this genre by enthusiasts in the last singleplayer chapter of The open-world series of The Elder Scrolls.

If with Skywind total conversion you are trying to recreate the size of Morrowind with the Skyrim graphics engine and with the ReShade tools, you tried to push the title graphics to the limits of photorealism thanks to a dynamic lighting that simulates Ray Tracing , with Mysticism the modder community has attempted to expand the range of hero spells via a mod that adds more than 200 spells and sorceries .

From the pages of NexusMods (find the link at the bottom of the page), Simon Magus describes his monumental work as an act of love for this blockbuster and for his many fans: through Mysticism it is, in fact, possible to unlock hundreds of spells that expand on new one’s magic archetypes and allow to create new classes and strategies.

Once installed, the mod in question distorts the magic of the basic title to integrate the new spells in an organic way to the entire gaming experience, all without impacting performance and adding even more “exotic” graphic effects, as we can imagine admiring the explanatory video packaged for the occasion by the author of this project. Did you also know that the TES V Skyrim modder community is trying to enter the Oblivion universe in Skyrim with Skyblivion?