SNK Announces Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, Here Are the First Details

Neo Geo Arcade

SNK has announced in recent months that it has various Neo Geo hardware projects in the pipeline, including the recently unveiled Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, presented with the bombastic subtitle “Pro-Gear Spec Advanced Entertainment System”.

What is it about exactly? Apparently a retro console in the shape of an arcade controller with a design based on the Neo Geo CD joypad, a move similar to that made by Capcom with its Capcom Home Arcade, coming in October. Unfortunately, SNK did not disclose other details, it is not clear if the device will have a series of pre-installed games or if it can be used with games from any console (or PC), certainly an interesting possibility especially in the fighting.

The company limited itself to declaring that ” Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro is the successor of the Neo Geo Mini “, we will probably know more at the Tokyo Game Show scheduled from 12 to 15 September. At the time the release date has not been announced, just as the price is shrouded in mystery, even the launch in the West has not been confirmed by SNK.

What do you think of Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro? SNK seems determined to work hard to revive the Neo Geo brand and the Neo Geo Mini was only the first step in this direction.