Star Wars Battlefront 3 Will You Do? for Dice at the Moment It Is Not Necessary

Star Wars Battlefront 3

It is no secret that Star Wars Battlefront 2 has not had the desired success, not only for the problems (and related controversies) related to microtransactions but also for a certain lack of content and novelty compared to the previous episode.

With new content based on Star Wars IX Skywalker’s Rise coming up in December and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order scheduled for November, do you really need a sequel for Star Wars Battlefront 2? To this question try to answer Dennis Brännvall, design director of the game, interviewed by PCGamesN during Gamescom.

” We are still a long way from Star Wars Battlefront 3. The sequels are still profitable, otherwise, no one would develop more, but there is not the same hunger as before, honestly. We used to churn out sequels like an assembly line, but things they seem to have changed now. We used to play a game, then the season pass with four DLCs and the experience was over, we took notes on what the players liked to do in the future while the critical elements were being rewritten. we work hard to continuously improve our games and we are not afraid to change by following the community feedback. “

For the moment Star Wars Battlefront 3 does not seem to be in DICE’s plans, this does not mean obviously that the game will not see the light in the future, everything will probably depend also on the possible commercial success of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts.