Watch Dogs Legion: Ubisoft Illustrates the Innovations Made to the Hacking System

Watch Dogs Legion

At a Q&A event held in Birmingham, the Ubisoft Montreal authors described some of the most interesting gameplay innovations that will characterize the Watch Dogs Legion hacking system.

To pay attention to the words spoken by the artistic director Joshua Cook, in fact, in Watch Dogs Legion we will see “the evolution of one of the historical pillars of this franchise, namely the hacking. In the previous chapters, the idea behind the operations of hacking gravitated around the profiling operations of people through their electronic devices, with Watch Dogs Legion, we will enter into the very life of people through operations of real social engineering, we will be able to contact individuals, we can ask them for favors and, if necessary, we will manipulate them to achieve our goals “ .

According to Cook, therefore, these innovations will enrich the already enormous list of actions that we will be able to accomplish by approaching the challenges of post-Brexit anarchist London with the spirit of the hacker : “You can hack cars, use drones of all types, enter the information system of the authorities, managing security cameras and doing all those things that could be done in the previous chapters, but this time the biggest and most exciting aspect of hacking will be the commitment that awaits us on the social engineering side, acting directly on people’s lives to manipulate them and determine their destiny “ .

Before leaving you to the link with the complete transcript of Ubisoft Montreal’s Q&A, we remind you that the launch of Watch Dogs Legion is scheduled for March 6th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Both on PC and on Google Stadia, the Ubisoft open-world blockbuster will have full and native support for Ray Tracing. To get to know the city, history, and ambitions of Legion, instead, we advise you to read our special post-E3 2019 signed by Giuseppe Arace.