World of Warcraft Classic: Does Blizzard Give Battle for Azeroth up to Level 60?

WOW Classic

A message appeared (and then removed) on the Brazilian Facebook page of Blizzard seems to suggest the arrival of two rewards for anyone who has reached level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, a one-player successful company, Jokerd.

In the deleted post we read that ” after reaching level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic, you receive the Battle for Azeroth expulsion and the Boost for level 110″ , but at the moment there are no direct confirmations from other sources, the fact that the post has been removed could indicate a simple error of the social media manager or maybe a confirmation arrived ahead of time.

Over the weekend Jokerd reached level 60 of World of Warcraft Classic by playing for three days, twenty hours and forty minutes, with rest breaks of 6/8 hours a night. Jokerd is considered the first player ever to have reached this goal but it is not clear if the record only concerns the West or if someone in Asia has managed to do better, considering the enormous popularity of World of Warcraft on the continent.

Launched last August 27th, World of Warcraft Classic proved to be a real success, with hundreds of thousands of spectators active simultaneously on Twitch, surpassing even the giant Fortnite.