Bully 2, the Recent Images Spotted Online Are False: Their Author Has Admitted It

Bully 2

Over the last few weeks, various rumors have been chased about a possible Bully 2, fueled by the spread of some alleged images of the game online.

In particular, during the month of August, a leak seemed to have revealed the first image of the title, depicting a portion of the map. And the game world was also the protagonist of a second rumor, following the on-line sighting of a further image of the map of Bully 2. Well, unfortunately, it seems that none of the shots spread online over the last few weeks actually represent a test of the existence of a Bully 2.

The images are in fact false and the author of the same is revealed to the public. As you can see below, the protagonist of the story is the Twitter user Felipe Borges, who admitted to having created the concept of art in his own hand. Borges also apologized on the social network, through the twittering found at the bottom of this news, stating that the story went too far. As proof of his statements, Borges has also attached to his Tweet additional images dedicated to Bully 2, which you can see at the bottom.

To find out if Rockstar Games really intends to offer a sequel to the first Bully, all that remains is to wait for any official announcements from the software house.