Control and Alan Wake in the Same Universe? a Clue Seems to Confirm This

Control: A DLC Coming up

It seems that Remedy has hidden some interesting clues inside Control that would suggest the presence of the title starring the beautiful Jesse Faden and Alan Wake in the same universe.

To confirm this is a document that can be read during the adventure and in which the tormented writer is clearly mentioned. In the files in question, we talk about the events of Bright Falls, considered an “altered world event”. Apparently Alan Wake has not been found and is considered by the Federal Bureau of Control a “Parautilitarian”, that is a subject able to control an Object of Power. It also appears that Alice, the writer’s wife, remained locked in the Oldest House structure during the event.

In short, the two games have different points of contact and it is not inconceivable that in these clues the first details on what could be the plot of Alan Wake 2 could be hidden.