Death Stranding: Guerrilla Gives Kojima Chocolate to Spur It on in Development!


Guerrilla Games Technical Director, Michiel Porter Bridges, flew to Japan to deliver in-person to his friend and colleague Hideo Kojima, and to all his collaborators of Kojima Productions, a Death Stranding-themed box filled with gifts from Holland and lots and lots of chocolate!

The packaging of the box given by the director of the Dutch software house has the shape of the packages carried by Sam Bridges in the death stranding sci-fi adventure: inside, in addition to a rich selection of bracelets from a famous Amsterdam boutique, Bridges he also wanted to include delicious chocolate bars with a personalized message imprinted on them in which the entire Guerrilla team wishes Hideo “good luck on your last leg” .

With this nice initiative, the leaders of Guerrilla Games manifest all their closeness to the boss of Kojima Productions and his collaborators, thus reinforcing a relationship born with the choice, made in concert with the upper echelons of Sony Interactive Entertainment, to grant Kojima the use of their graphics engine, the Decima Engine , to give shape to the dystopian settings of Death Stranding.

The precious supply of Dutch chocolate will certainly help Metal Gear’s dad and his boys overcome with greater “sweetness” (jokes!) The bitter hours of work that await them in this delicate Death Stranding crunch phase. At this point, we just have to wait for November 8 to watch the release of Death Stranding exclusively on PlayStation 4 and to the possible special launch event that Kojima himself wanted to suggest to feed the already spasmodic expectation of his fans.