Destiny 2: The New Patch Simplifies the Quests of Wendigo and Vetta

Destiny 2

If you are still struggling to get weapons like Wendigo and Vetta in Destiny 2, know that from today the companies linked to both grenade launchers have been significantly simplified and will now allow more users to get hold of them.

Here are the changes made to the two quests:

Wendigo GL3

  • Grenade launcher kills are now 100% more for each target
  • The death penalty no longer exists in the final objective
  • Multi-shots with grenade launchers now allow for 50% additional progress
  • Completing the Vanguard playlist assaults ensures an increase in the final target percentage


  • The number of multi-hits required has been reduced from 200 to 75
  • The number of medals has been reduced from 100 to 25
  • The points obtained in competitive mode have been significantly increased compared to those of the other modes (1x for the quick game, 2x for the Iron Banner and 3x for the competitive mode)

Among the other changes introduced with the last patch, we find the possibility of accumulating 9,999 planetary materials in a single slot of the inventory (number stuck at 999 until a few hours ago) and some simplifications to the verdict mode, modalities whose drop will be now more common and where enemies will be less dangerous. There are also small innovations regarding the weapons of the set of Ana Bray, whose pieces can be collected even more than once a day.

Did you know that the very first Destiny 2 community event has just started? If the players succeed in completing the goals set by Bungie they will be able to receive an exclusive emblem.