Dr. Mario World: Downloads and Receipts Below Expectations

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World was launched this summer on the mobile market but to date it seems to have failed to impress the public, ranking as the least profitable of Nintendo’s mobile games.

The game has recorded 7.4 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play, but the revenues are rather low and do not exceed 1.4 million dollars . In other words, despite the moderate success with regard to the number of active users, these did not convert into paying players and in fact did not allow the game to earn as much as hoped.

In comparison, Dragalia Lost (another Nintendo title of medium success, rather snubbed in the West) was downloaded in the first month of 1.6 million people, producing $ 26.4 million in revenues. Super Mario Run has instead recorded 21.8 million downloads and 30 million revenues while Fire Emblem Heroes surpasses all with revenues of 67.6 million dollars compared to 9.7 million downloads.

We’ll see how Mario Kart Tour will be accepted, Nintendo’s next mobile game coming out on September 25th and already available for digital pre-order on the iPhone and Android smartphone stores.