Final Fantasy VII Remake: Shinra Characters Will Be Shown at the Tokyo Game Show

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There is still a long way to go before Final Fantasy VII Remake debuts, but the Square Enix team seems ready to share new game material with the public.

The news comes directly from Director Tetsuya Nomura, who gave an interview with the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu. The latter was published in the latest issue of the magazine, thus reaching the general public. Inside, says Gematsu, it is possible to find very interesting information. During the chat with the editorial staff of Famitsu, Nomura announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, but not only: the Director offered further details, anticipating that during the Japanese videogame fair they will be shown for the first time once characters that support Shinra Inc.

It, therefore, seems that those who eagerly await news on the remake of the iconic JRPG Square Enix will be able to discover some more details on the production at the 2019 edition of the Tokyo Game Show, scheduled between 12 and 15 September.