Kirby: Hal Lavoratory Hires Staff for a New Project!


The HAL Laboratory development team is looking for new personnel that can support the realization of its next videogame production.

To announce it is the official Twitter account of the software house, which signals the decision of HAL Laboratory to expand its staff. In the page dedicated to job advertisements on the software house website further details are offered: the new staff will have to support the team in particular in the realization of a new project dedicated to Kirby. The tender Nintendo character thus returns to the star of the team’s activities. For now, however, no further information is available on the new title that will see Kirby as the protagonist: what would you like to see announced by HAL Laboratory?

The rosy and spherical character has already made his debut on Nintendo Switch with the publication, in March 2018, of a new dedicated game. Appearing on the videogame market for the first time back in 1992, in April of this year, the famous Nintendo character celebrated its twenty-seventh anniversary. The important milestone was celebrated with the publication of a special celebratory artwork dedicated to Kirby.