Luminous Productions Presents the Backstage Demo: Will the PS5 and Scarlett Graphics Look Like This?

Luminous Production

Luminous Productions, the internal studio of Square Enix, is currently working on a game for PS4 / Xbox Scarlett and at this time has published a tech demo called BackStagemade in Ray Tracing using the Next-Gen Path Tracing graphics technology.

The demo, shown at the CEDEC 2019 Japanese conference, aims to showcase the potential of Luminous Engine (Square Enix’s proprietary engine) in creating content for Next-Gen, this is the first tech demo to use technology Path Tracing and Morgan McGuire of NVIDIA predicts that ” this will be video game graphics in 2035. “

The technical demo in question runs in temporal on NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti video card, unfortunately, there are no other details about the work done by Luminous but it is not excluded that this tech demo can be used as the basis of the next project of the team, already engaged in the new generation consoles. What do you think of the BackStage tech demo? Has it hit your attention?

Luminous Productions should be working on a new IP while other voices are talking about the development of a port of Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 5, others would like the active study of the early stages of Final Fantasy 16.