Minecraft X Ducktales: Disney Ducks Land In-Game With Special Content!

Minecraft X Ducktales

During May of this year Minecraft celebrated the tenth anniversary of its publication, yet, the game devised by Mojang, the protagonist of incredible commercial success, continues to evolve.

The Minecraft team has indeed announced an exceptional collaboration for the game, which is preparing to welcome new theme content … DuckTales! It was officially announced by Minecraft’s Twitter account, through the twittering that you can find directly at the bottom of this news. The landing of the Disney ducks in the game was also accompanied by the publication of a trailer dedicated to the crossover, which obviously boosts the iconic DuckTales soundtrack: what do you think?

The new content, called ” DuckTales Adventure Map “, is already available in the Minecraft Marketplace. Inside, players will be able to find some of the most famous locations in the series, starting with the inevitable Duckburg. The available characters are about thirty, among which are obviously included Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck and the trio of Qui, Quo, and Qua. There are also two storylines, which will lead players to solve the many mysteries of this particular cubic-based game world. In closing, we point out that at the bottom of the news you can find some images dedicated to the world and the characters of DuckTales Adventure Map.