New Rumors on Half-Life VR: A “Codename Shooter” Alerted by a Dataminer

Half-Life VR

The data miner Tyler McVicken, now quite well known within the videlud community linked to Half-Life, has published a video in which he reports some rather interesting discoveries.

In particular, the user reports that he has carefully analyzed the recent update of The Hal, a game in Valve’s Virtual Reality and that he has found some references to a possible Half-Life VR. In particular, the project would appear in the files analyzed by McVicker with the name ” Codename: Shooter “. The references found by the data miner within The Hal involve a reduced number of levels and would seem to depict the image of a title set in a sort of holographic version of City 17, inside which there would be typologies of opponents typical of the Half-Life IP.and the implementation of a teleportation system. For all the details, we refer you to the video published by Tyler McVicken, which you can view directly at the beginning of this news. 

It is certainly not the first time that rumors emerge about a Half-Life in VR, with rumors that they wanted to announce it in May this year. For now, however, Valve has not offered any official confirmation regarding the existence of the project: for this reason, we, therefore, invite you, as usual in these cases, to interpret rumors or alleged leaks with due caution.