Ninja Plays World of Warcraft Classic, Halo, Gears 5: And Fortnite?

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Tyler Ninja Blevins has been conquered by World of Warcraft Classic, as well as millions of other players during these hours. The “classic” re-release of Blizzard’s MMORPG has been a huge success in the last week, so much so as to mark new spectator records on Twitch and help increase the value of Activision shares.

Ninja, the famous Fortnite streamer recently passed by Microsoft after leaving Twitch and now active on Mixer on a permanent basis, ended up in the “network” of WOW Classic. In a Tweet, Ninja lets you know that you have completed only one quest in the game but you can no longer break away from it. The problem? Ninja in these hours should promote Gears 5 and seems to have Halo projects in the pipeline probably related to Halo Infinite and Halo Master Chief Collection for PC.

And Fortnite? The Battle Royale is still in the interests of Tyler but obviously it seems that the streamer is trying to beat other ways and one of these could be World of Warcraft Classic. Many predict a decline for the Epic game, including the former FaZe Clan Tfue who predicted Fortnite’s death within a few months, due to the lack of interesting content.