Pokemon Go Weekly Rewards: Complaints for Eevee With a Flower Crown


Pokemon GO’s new weekly reward is actually an old acquaintance … Eevee with a flower crown. And up to here, nothing wrong, except that this Pokemon will be offered as a weekly reward until November 1st.

The weekly rewards are bestowed after completing all the daily missions and having obtained the seven stamps (one for each day of the week), in recent months numerous Pokemon and their variants have been offered as a reward, among which we mention Latios and Latias, Groudon and Kyogre.

Eevee with the crown of flowers is the reward of the week, also available in a Shiny / Cromatic variant. Niantic has however announced that this reward will remain active until November 1, causing the ire of the Pokemon GO community, with players who are wondering the reason for this choice, which in fact will give Eevee for eight weeks.

It is not excluded that developers can change their mind after reading the community feedback, which is currently not too positive, to tell the truth. This is a difficult choice to explain, considering that the alternatives to Eevee with the flower crown are certainly not lacking. Keeping the same reward for eight weeks is perhaps excessive, can’t you find?