The First Monster Hunter World Iceborne Review Is Positive


Thanks to the usual weekly Ryokutya2089 leaks, the votes of the reviews in Famitsu’s issue 1605 emerge, due out tomorrow at Japanese newsstands. The magazine stands out for having published the first-ever review of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, coming Thursday 6 September.

The expansion of the best-selling Capcom game ever (over thirteen million copies) was met with an excellent vote, specifically, Iceborne took home a vote equal to 37/40 (9/9/9/10), very near the Perfect Score (40/40), having positively impressed Famitsu editors. The magazine also contains reviews of two other games, already published in the West: Absolver for PlayStation 4 (30/40) and Super Cane Magic ZERO (29/40).

Monster Hunter World Iceborne will be released on September 6th in Japan, United States, and Europe in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One formats, the PC version will arrive in January 2020. Recently Capcom has confirmed that Rajang (creature introduced in Monster Hunter 2 for PlayStation 2) will arrive in Iceborne in October as a free update, undoubtedly good news for veterans of the series, who will see the arrival of one of the most iconic monsters in the Monster Hunter universe.