The Open World Areas of Gears 5 Are Inspired by God of War

Gears 5: Release Date, Escape Mode and Terminator with Pre-Order

Among the many aspects that The Coalition has tried to improve with Gears 5, there are also the exploration phases of the game world. As you know, the third-person shooter will include open-world areas for the first time, and will, therefore, leave more room for the player who can enjoy a freedom never seen before.

A modernization operation that echoes what happened with the God of War series: even Sony Santa Monica, while not creating a purely open-world title, has included in its action-adventure a central hub from which to move to freely explore the surrounding areas, which are much larger than the previous chapters of the franchise.

According to the art director Aryan Hanbeck, the boys of The Coalition were inspired by Kratos’ latest adventure to be able to integrate the wider areas of Gears 5 into the consolidated and unmistakable gameplay formula of the Microsoft series:

“For me, God of War was a great inspiration. They don’t exactly have our scenarios, but they do a great job when they want to take you to specific places, giving you visual suggestions that are constant throughout the game. And it was so fun to play. that we have drawn many cues but adapted to adapt them to our type of experience”.

Recall that Gears 5 will be available on PC and Xbox One starting September 6th. Meanwhile, the presence of Dave Bautista in the game was confirmed, Microsoft published 15 minutes of gameplay from Act 2 of the campaign.