Uplay Plus: Reported Inefficiencies at Launch and the Lack of Anno 1800 in the Catalog

Uplay Plus

Yesterday Ubisoft launched the Uplay Plus subscription service, which, however, saw the presence of some problems too, as reported by many users on the main social networks.

At the moment Uplay Plus seems to suffer from various types of inefficiencies such as inaccessible pages, internal links that lead to non-existent pages (with a consequent 404 error) and it also seems double charges regarding the test transaction to ensure the validity of the credit card. The Ubisoft customer service has confirmed the presence of problems at launch and has ensured that soon the situation will return to normal, the company is, in fact, working to make sure that everything works properly in the launch period and later.

Another controversy is linked instead to the lack of Anno 1800 in the games catalog, it is one of the flagship titles of Ubisoft on PC and its absence appears at the moment inexplicable, considering that the game had been promoted to E3 among those included in the lineup initial.

In any case, you can evaluate the quality of Uplay by trying at no cost for the whole month of September, until the end of the month the subscription will be free for everyone, from October 1st it will cost instead 14.99 euros per month.