WWE Superstar Asuka Opens a YOUTUBE Video Game Channel

WWE Superstar Asuka Opens

The WWE Superstar Asuka (real name Kanako Urai) has recently opened a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to the world of video games, a great passion of the fighter who in the past also worked as a magazine editor and collaborated in the development of some titles.

Its KanaChan TV channel collected around 18,000 subscribers in 24 hours, while the first Super Mario Maker 2 video received 60,000 views. The wrestler has repeatedly declared to be a fan of video games and to spend time on long journeys with her Nintendo Switch, and her passion for Call of Duty, which over the years has grown to good levels, is known.

Before entering the world of wrestling, Kanako collaborated with international magazines such as Official Xbox Magazine and worked as a graphic designer and software developer for mobile and Nintendo 2DS games. The star said she wanted to publish video content on a regular basis, although it won’t be easy considering the many commitments as WWE Superstars that keep her busy daily with long international tours.