Yoko Taro Hates Waking up Early, so Nier Automata Risked Cancellation

Yoko Taro

In 2018 Yoko Taro was interviewed by USGamer and on that occasion he stated that he had not a few problems in the development of NieR Automata, mainly because he couldn’t get to the office early in the morning, being used to working all night.

Today the news has circulated again overbearingly after Yoko Taro himself replied to a fan about the affair: “Is this news true or not? ” Asks the author of the Tweet, in response to the Japanese game designer and producer responds with simplicity disarming that yes, what is reported is absolutely true.

Let’s recap the story for anyone who was not aware of it: according to what reported, in Platinum Games, it starts to work towards 09.30 am but being Taro a freelance is used to work at night to carry out other works on commission, not only related to the world of video games. ” It’s not a joke, I assure you that NieR Automata risked being canceled only because I couldn’t get to the office on time … in Platinum, they start working really too early for my rhythms. ”

Fortunately, Yoko Taro was then able to complete the development of NieR Automata, today one of the greatest successes of Platinum Games in recent years, a title that could soon see a sequel, according to some rumors, in fact, NieR Automata 2 would be under development with a budget higher than that of the previous episode.